I Believe In One, Holy Church

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Ancient Christian Wisdom

ic-an056-icon-church-christHaving described the basic truths with respect to the three persons of the Holy Trinity, the Nicene Creed now turns to the nature of the Church, not only having been founded and established by Christ Himself, but also being an extension of His unique and holy presence in the world. The Church as the Body of Christ possesses and is marked by the characteristics of Her founder—love, humility, meekness, forgiveness, and truth—and by the very life of Her founder including His incarnation, suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. In theological terms, we describe this mystery as theanthropic, which Saint John of Damascus defines as “God being perfect becomes perfect man, and brings to perfection the newest of all things new, the only new thing under the sun, through which the boundless might of God is manifested” (Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, book 3, chapter 1, PG 94.984bc)…

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