“Satan has demanded to have you”: on why the righteous suffer?

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Could it be that first Biblical story is not the story of creation, nor of the fall, but that of Job?

If the book of Job predates all other books in the Bible, as some contend*, it would mean that the great Judeo-Christian tradition begins with theodicy: why do the righteous suffer? It begins not with exterior fascinations such as, “why is there something instead of nothing?” but rather with this deeply, truly human, interior cry of the heart.

The Bible describes Job as a “blameless and upright” man, rich beyond measure in family and possessions, who lost everything in a single day. Desolated and sitting on a trash heap outside the city, vexed with a terrible disease of bodily sores, Job is cursed by his wife and his friends. They accuse him of harboring secret sin (for why else would God allow him to suffer so violently, so humiliatingly?)…

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