The Invincible Weapon of Peace


We live in a world mutilated by violence. Indeed, at this particular historical moment it seems the world is engulfed in the flames of it. The thunder of anguish and indignation rides on the shockwaves of bombs and fills the world with disturbing echoes of death, misery, and recrimination. In the din of so much bitterness calls for peace seem to have no power. Does this mean that peace is unattainable and naive? As Christians called to reconcile the world to God we cannot accept such a cynical answer. But how can the balm of peace overcome the maelstrom of violence sweeping us away? The answer is the cross. But before we unpack that answer the question needs to be refined. Because we have access to a global perspective we tend to think in global terms, “how can we achieve peace around the world?” But if you ask the question…

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About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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