If we separate any of these virtues from Christ

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Emmanuel_with_English_ScrollIF we separate any of these virtues from Christ they are not only meaningless, they are accursed. Love without Christ is meaningless, Faith without Christ is Godlessness, and Works without Christ, according to Saint Paul, are sinful. Without Truth there is no Love, because both Truth and Love proceed from God. Many people today are searching for love without Christ, for truth without Christ; in other words they have isolated these two uncreated energies of God from their Source. The result is an anthropocentric love: the attempt to promote love among all people regardless of faith, dogma, regardless of religious background. This is a trap, so in our need to avoid conflicts between people of different religions we begin dialogues of love patronizing other faiths compel to show our respect for other peoples’ faiths, as some of our Church leaders want to teach us. So very suddenly we find ourselves in the super-heresy of ecumenism, one of the greatest plagues of our Church. This…

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