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Please pray with Fr. John and if you can please support The Preachers Institute, today.

Breaking Into The Future

MAY 16, 2014


As we passed our 5th year of online work in Orthodox homiletics, I was about to close up shop.

I’d spent countless hours, phone calls, emails and resources writing, editing, reviewing and publishing a multitude of articles, essays, helps, and sermons – all for free – in an easy to use (and copy) format, all to assist the Orthodox clergyman or teacher with their work. We provided material that was unavailable almost anywhere else, pioneering blogging helps, articles and encouragement to pastors and interested laypeople around the globe, to help them penetrate online culture and reach others with their zeal and wisdom to spread the light of the Gospel of Christ. Many of them are not even Orthodox!

Many of you kindly contacted me with voices of appreciation and support for what Preachers Institute has been able to help with these past five years.

Recently Preachers Institute was offered matching grant for donations of up to $5,000, to keep advancing our mission and to keep the website active and vibrant. This is an opportunity which I’m sure will not come to us again anytime soon.

Do you want to help improve the quality of Orthodox Christian preaching & evangelism?

Do you want your priest to have access to what will make him a better preacher?

Do you want to see life-changing, dynamic sermons fervently preached in Orthodox Churches again?

I do, and I’ve spent five years proving I am committed to it. I’m asking you to invest in it now. Several have already donated.

If you appreciate the work done on Preachers Institute, and have benefited from it, give what you can today. Your gift will be DOUBLED – matched, by our anonymous friend. Our friend sees the value in what we are doing. Do you?

Support Preachers Institute today


This button will take you to the donation page for our sister site, Journey To Orthodoxy.

What has Preachers Institute Done?

In the past five years, Preachers Institute has;

  • blazed the trail in online publishing of sermon helps, advice, articles, news for Orthodox clergy, and lots and lots of homilies from the best preachers of the past.
  • published hundreds of articles, sermons, homilies, blog entries and essays – all in an attempt to help out Orthodox clergy and teachers with their sermons and lessons.
  • became an early partner with The Academy of Young Preachers, and sponsored several young Orthodox preachers to attend their annual Festival of Preaching.
  • began the annual 30(40) Days of Blogging exercise to promote clergy and lay blogging in a tight time frame with responsible, sober, and spiritually uplifting posts. The number of participants has grown every year and brought more and more teachers and preachers into their own with comfortable and regular writing!
  • put in inquiries to all the Orthodox seminaries in North America about their homiletics teachers and programs.
  • spurred the resurrection of the dormant St. Vladimir Seminary D. Min. program, now with a strong homiletics component.published volumes of Patristic and festal homilies, historic U.S. sermons, studies on liturgical furniture for preaching, and works on the spiritual Formation of Preachers.

And there’s more where that came from. We’re just getting started.

About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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