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As I was looking at that distraction called facebook I came across this post listed below:

Remember beloved in our Lord our Orthodox faith is holy and undivided. A faith that is guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit. A faith of Christ our true God. A faith of the holy prophets, holy apostles, the holy ascetics, the holy fathers, of the saints, and of the holy martyrs. A faith of the Seven Ecumenical councils, and lesser councils. A faith of the Nicene Creed. A faith of daily prayer & unceasing prayer. A faith of our hope and love for our God. A faith that has love for one another. A faith of the Ten Commandments. A faith of Holy Scriptures. A faith of love. A faith of Holy Tradition. A faith of the Holy Seven Sacraments. A faith that leads us on the path towards our salvation. A faith of the virtues.A faith that struggles. A faith that does not compromise. A faith that does not betray. A faith that lives within us daily. A faith that is Immortal. A faith that we live from every monument & everyday. Live your holy Orthodox faith and live it as a great example. And a faith for the lost and needy. Long live Holy Orthodoxy. May our Lord God preserve us all! Peace to your soul! +Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes) Who loves you and prays for you!

Close to two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth and founded the Church through His Apostles and disciples for the salvation of men. The teachings of the Apostles and the Church spread far in the years which followed; many Churches were founded, but all were united in faith, worship and the partaking of the sacraments.

The Church is one because our Lord Jesus Christ founded only one Church. It is holy through the sanctification of its Founder and Head, Jesus Christ and the operation of the Holy Spirit. It is catholic because it is universal, and knows no limitations of place or time. It is apostolic because it was founded by the Holy Apostles. This is the Orthodox Church—the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Orthodoxy is the First Church. It is the living, unbroken continuation of the Faith as first given to the Apostles. This doesn’t mean that the Orthodox Churches have researched and attempted to re-create the Primitive Church. It means that we live, pray and preach continuously and consistently every day since the time of the Apostles.

Since we don’t believe in things like “development of doctrine,” Orthodox teaching has been carefully safeguarded and faithfully passed down through the centuries. It is no stretch to say that a First-Century Christian who could somehow walk into an Orthodox church today would (after he adjusted to the architecture and the electricity) feel completely comfortable.

And how do we exemplify and live our Orthodox Faith?  In our Divine Liturgy, handed down through the years, unchanged.

The Holy Eucharist is the oldest experience of Christian Worship as well as the most distinctive. Eucharist comes from the Greek word which means thanksgiving. In a particular sense, the word describes the most important form of the Church’s attitude toward all of life. The origin of the Eucharist is traced to the Last Supper at which Christ instructed His disciples to offer bread and wine in His memory. The Eucharist is the most distinctive event of Orthodox worship because in it the Church gathers to remember and celebrate the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ and, thereby, to participate in the mystery of Salvation.

In the Orthodox Church, the Eucharist is also known as the Divine Liturgy. The word liturgy means people’s work; this description serves to emphasize the corporate character of the Eucharist. When an Orthodox attends the Divine Liturgy, it is not as an isolated person who comes simply to hear a sermon.

“The Divine Liturgy, what a splendor, indeed!  Man has been honored by God in such a way that He Himself came down to earth with His Angelic Orders, every time there is a Liturgy, in order to nurture man with His Most Holy Body and His Most Precisous Blood!  For He has given us everything; is there anything physical or spiritual, perishable or everlasting that has not been offered to us?  None!  Is there anything superior to His Most Holy Body and Blood, which is given to us on a daily basis?  There is certainly not.  God has enabled man, who is of soil and dirt, to serve the Divine Liturgy.  So Priceless is the Divine Love that just a tiny drop exceeds any global, physical and secular love.”  From Experiences During the Divine Liturgy, by Protopresbyter Stephanos K. Anagnostopoulos.

The final goal of man is communion with God. The path to this communion has been precisely defined: faith, and walking in the Commandments with the help of God’s grace.
Saint Theophan the Recluse

We live when and where we are for a reason (known only to God). But it is here and now that we will find salvation, and in the peace of that salvation in its fullness, thousands around us will be saved.

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