Ye Are the Light of the World

Ancient Christian Wisdom

images Light a match in a darkened room and the brain of an observer becomes ablaze with activity: complex shapes, angles, movements, color and depth all register in a moment and if another human being is present, the face of that person is immediately recognizable in all its uniqueness. The human brain seems to be especially and wondrously fashioned to respond to light in a myriad of ways, conscious and unconscious. When light and the human mind meet, we suddenly know where we are, what is around us, and who is with us. Of all the senses, light distinctly enables us to make sense of our world. And in the Gospel, the Lord Christ tells His Holy Apostles that they are to be the Light of the world enabling those who would believe to see that they are in God’s creation, moving towards Jerusalem on High, and in the presence of…

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I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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