Testing Our Priorities

The Orthodox Life

“Why do I have so little money?”

“Why do I have so little time?”

“Why do I have such limited resources?”

We have all faced questions like this at one time or another. We have good intentions. We have noble plans. But many times things fall through because we have limited resources, and we have no way to accomplish everything that we want to accomplish.

God loves us. So why doesn’t He just wave His hand and give us an unlimited supply of money, time, and every other resource we might need? He is God, so it would not be difficult for Him to do. Is He just being stingy?

Imagine what would happen if He did that very thing. Imagine that every member of your church became a billionaire overnight. Money is literally unlimited. What might they say if money was no object?

“Are you going to pay off your…

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I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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