The Limits to Submission

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agios_chrysostomosLimits to Submission

(…compiled by Dr. David C. Ford—St. Tikhon’s Seminary)

Just as St. Chrysostom recognizes that there are some situations in which a wife can no longer obey her husband, so too he sees that at some point, ungodly, and especially heretical, clergy must no longer be obeyed. As he realizes that, while marriage is a divine institution, some particular marriages are not ordained by God, so he also sees that while the priesthood is instituted by God and is indeed a tangible extension of Christ Himself, yet in the case of bad priests, “God indeed does not ordain (cheirotonei) all.”59

But he immediately goes on to say, “But He works through all the clergy, even though they are themselves unworthy (anaxioi), that the people may be saved.”60 Earlier in this same sermon he states,

He who honors the priest, will honor God also; and he who…

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