Have an Exit Plan

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Do you have an ‘Exit Plan’?  Are you ready?  What if all heck breaks lose?  Are you working out your Salvation with “Fear and Trembling”?

Among Protestant groups today there is found a marked interest in the end times. Christian bookstores have entire sections devoted to Scriptural prophecy, displaying such books as The Late Great Planet Earth (a classic) which has sold literally thousands of copies in the past decade. At the same time certain segments of Jews also sense the approach of the fulfillment of ancient prophecies; in Jerusalem’s Old City a special seminary seeks to revive the Levitical priesthood in preparation for the day when Solomon’ s temple is rebuilt. Their efforts are supported by some evangelical Christians who see in the restoration of the Temple the approach of Christ’ s Second Coming.

From this we can readily see that the belief in the end times and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is and has been the undercurrent of the faith, from the days of the Apostles to our present day, the belief which we describe as a basic teaching of the Orthodox Christian Church. It will continue to be Her basic message until the Lord, the Bridegroom of the Church, returns to claim Her as His Bride. Until then we live our lives as normally as we can, without having undue concern in interpreting the signs and the seasons. For as we understand, just as we know that spring time is arriving when we see the budding of plants and trees, so too we will know when the end is truly imminent and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in glory is near at hand.

At Christ’s Second Coming by St. Augustine of Hippo
“He will gather together with him for the judgment his chosen ones, but the others he will set apart; for he will place some on his right, others on his left. What is more equitable, what more true than that they should not themselves expect mercy from the judge, who themselves were unwilling to show mercy before the judge’s coming. Those, however, who were willing to show mercy will be judged with mercy.”

Homily 79 on Matthew by St. John Chrysostom
“But while the brutes have from nature their unfruitfulness, and fruitfulness, these have it from choice, wherefore some are punished, and the others crowned. And He does not punish them, until He has pleaded with them; wherefore also, when He has put them in their place, He mentions the charges against them. And they speak with meekness, but they have no advantage from it now; and very reasonably, because they passed by a work so much to be desired.”

On the Second Coming of Christ, Ch. 15 from The Truth of Our Faith by Elder Cleopa of Romania
“If neither the angels in heaven nor the Son of Man Himself as man know the appointed time, how is it possible for it to be known among men? From the words of the Saviour it is understood only that we must be ever vigilant and mindful of our salvation, ever ready for the coming of the Lord, for we know neither the day nor the hour of His coming, nor even the hour of our own end in this life. His appearance will be unexpected, as the Lord forewarned us when he said, Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh. (Mat. 25:13)”

What is interesting these days is many are planning for the end as we know it.  Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, recently tweeted:  “Have an Exit Plan”.

Well do you? Pastor Chuck Baldwin states in his latest article;

Ladies and gentlemen, this party is almost over. The charade is about to be exposed. Whether it be by divine judgment or the natural result of all of this corruption and graft (probably both), America is going to be forced to pay the bills. And it’s not going to be pretty.

He also states;

First of all, most of America’s pastors and churches are doing nothing to help their people make commonsense preparations for any number of looming disasters. In fact, they are fueling the passiveness and indifference most people are drowning in. In the second place, the establishment media is deliberately hiding and obfuscating the truth. In the third place, too many politicians are so consumed with their own lust for wealth and power, that they would do anything to keep the American people in the dark. And, yes, some of them are actually ignorant themselves and are immersed in their own darkness. And, beyond that, the American people continue to turn their backs on honest political candidates–who know what’s going on and would truly make a gallant effort to turn the ship of state around–and elect the same kinds of establishment elitists (regardless of party) who only want to maintain the status quo.

Well I am back to the question:  Do you have an Exit Plan?  The Orthodox Church does == Jesus Christ!

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